colour adjustment


Colours truly make the world come alive, so why not make it perfect?

Get your images colour adjusted and optimised to ensure they meet the quality standards set for your

graphic products whether it is for web use (RGB) or printed materials (CMYK).

Pekaye Graphics will enhance the colour balance, sharpness and overall look of the images in

accordance with the guidelines given by the customer.

image Clipping & masking

only 3.6 Euro per clipping path

Cutting edge clipping

Let us do the clipping and you will be able to re-allocate resources to where they are needed most.

We deliver perfectly crafted clipping paths or layer masks when required.

Highest quality guaranteed for an absolute fair price.

We offer all customers a "flat price" of only 3.6 Euro per image regardless of complexity.

photo retouching

only 33 Euro per hour


Do your images need a touch of magic? Do you have that near perfect picture with just a few eye-catching blemishes?

Don’t panic! There is no need for a new photo shoot. Save the money, and let us do a bit of image retouching.

We will transform the image to your liking by removing, adding or changing any object, person or thing, for a spectacular result.

print design


Graphic design with a purpose

Print design is supposed to inspire your audience and promote your products

- all by thorough, well thought out printed materials.

We know the do's and don'ts and how to avoid pitfalls from a client and designers perspective.

We will apply a modern "right to the point" graphic design for your ads, brochure, catalog etc.

With dedicated attention to detail, and our focus on customised graphic design,

we will support and expand your efforts in reaching your target audience.

GET the best from east and west

let us be your graphic outsourcing partner

FOR Enquiries EMAIL OR CALL US ON +66 886 184 242

Pekaye Graphics is a European-staffed graphic outsourcing company located In Thailand

We have since 2006 provided our customers with high quality graphic services at competitive prices.

Take advantage of our various graphic expertises and let us be a key player in lowering the cost of your graphic production.

We offer your company professional image solutions that will save you time, money and resources.

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WEB design


Spin your own web

Catch your potential customers in your web before somebody else's does.

Having a professional internet presence is a necessity.

Though we cannot promise a short cut to a high-ranking site,

we can promise an affordable and well-designed website with a focus on

aesthetics and informative content with an uncluttered look.

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